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15 Total Hours | All Levels

BPO/Call Center caters to millions of clients in the United States. And being a customer service representative, part of your job is to fully understand your customers’ way of life, behavior, and expressions. The course will develop your communication skills by being more aware of the American people’s culture when you talk to them over the phone.

There are seven modules in this course along with activities and videos.

The course is free.

Why take this course?

  • Role of Culture

    Understand why culture is an important element for developing a solid communication skill.

  • Boost your Confidence

    Talking to a native speaker is an overwhelming task, yet alone assisting them over the phone. By learning American culture, you will be confident in dealing with their issues.

  • BPO/Call Center Standards

    Filipinos are excellent communicator however it is not enough to know the English language. Being an effective CSR means communicating with American consumer at cultural level.

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